Welcome to Blurry Thought – a hub of posts about mental health.

You’re probably wondering who I am, which is understandable enough as I’m the one who runs this little blog. However, I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to stay anonymous until we’re on better terms. Fair?

What you can count on, however, is that I’m trying to make this blog a safe space for those suffering with mental illnesses or simply in need of a support system. I’m here to share my story and my experiences – even when everything is not going to plan – while also reporting on the latest news about mental health. 

So, stick around, read some posts, and find out what interests you. You may find that we have more in common than you think, or you may just enjoy reading about the struggles of somebody other than yourself. Here’s to us, and here’s to the start of the journey of this blog. 


Before I forget – please feel free to get in touch with me, in regards to anything at all. Whether you need somebody to rant to, or you simply want to say hi, I’m more than ready to read your email!