New Self-Care Box For College Students

Whether you’re in college or not, taking care of your mental health can definitely be a struggle. When there are so many things going on in your life, it’s easy to put your mental health on the back burner and forget to take care of it. Thankfully, there’s a new subscription-style box revolved around self-care that can help you in taking care of your mentality. 

Designed by four students at Marquette University, the self-care box, which is called ConfIdence, has the aim of providing subscribers with practical advice and resources. The subscription box comes after the students met in business class and decided that it was important to create a resource for those struggling with their mental health. 

ConfIdence Highlights The Importance Of Mental Health

One of the founders of the subscription box, Mae Haggerty, was the one who developed the idea of creating the self-care kit. The idea came as a result of her own struggles with depression and anxiety as she felt that she needed to be the best in her studies. However, she saw that other people weren’t struggling in the same way that she was, and so she thought her mental health didn’t matter. 

I was like I have to do these things, work three jobs to make more money, be the best in school because everyone else is doing fine and I should be doing fine.

Mae Haggerty

Haggerty suffered anxiety and panic attacks due to the pressure that she felt to succeed in college, and she eventually had to seek help from a counsellor. However, she came to realise that other classmates were also struggling from their mental health, and wished to provide students with the resources and advice they needed to promote better mental wellbeing. 

The Box Contains Hand-Picked Items

Each month, the items that go into the boxes are handpicked by each of the founders, with each item being accompanied by a letter explaining why it was chosen. Recent boxes have included items such as a gratitude journal and affirmation cards. 

These items are chosen in order to provide the subscriber with resources and advice on how to better manage their mental health. The idea is that people will begin to realise the importance of taking care of your mental wellbeing and make use of the products in their daily lives. The items can revolve around anything ranging from self-development to stress management.

The self-care boxes cost $30, not including the charge for shipping. While the service isn’t renewable just yet, you can choose to reorder a box each month. 

It Aims To Help Mental Health Sufferers

All in all, the idea of a self-care box, especially one designed for college students, is always a good idea. Not only is it going to help remind students to take care of their mental wellbeing, but it also works to start a conversation about mental health. While there are quite a few self-care boxes already on the market, I think one that’s notably aimed at college students (or just students in general) will definitely work to help people feel like they’re not suffering alone. 

If you’re living in the UK and you’re looking for a mental health self-care box that isn’t going to come with extra shipping charges, you can check out Pause by the mental health charity Mind. Pause is designed to help people acknowledge how you are feeling, boost your wellbeing, and help you start a conversation about mental illness.

What do you think about ConfIdence? Do you agree that it’s important for students to prioritise their mental health?

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