Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 – Body Image

If you aren’t already aware, here in the UK this week is Mental Health Awareness Week! Even though its technically Mental Health Awareness Month, we still have a week dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and mental illness. Each year, there’s also a special focus and theme which sets the tone for what the week should be revolved around. 

This year the theme is body image – which is a really big struggle for me and for a lot of other people too. Body image issues can affect anybody at any age, regardless of their gender, their personality, or their looks. Therefore, it’s majorly important that people come to the realisation that negative body image can affect us all. Likewise, it’s also important that we’re able to start a conversation about our negative body image and share how we’re feeling. It’s not something to be ashamed of – in this society, it’s more present than ever to feel bad about your body. 

Body Image Affects Us All

If you’re at all familiar with this brand-new (at the time of writing, that is) blog, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I really struggle with body image. I have an eating disorder that has stolen my life from me and makes me feel really bad about myself. Though I am trying to manage it, it sometimes does get the best of me and make me feel shockingly bad about who I am, how I look, and what I’ve achieved. 

Funnily enough, I’ve just started this blog to share my experiences with my mental illnesses, which includes my eating disorder. And, a week after launching BlurryThought, we have an entire Mental Health Awareness Week dedicated to body image! That must mean something. 

So, to help raise awareness, I’m going to be posting a post every day this week that’s revolved around body image. Whether it’ll be tips on how to improve it or simply starting a conversation about the affects that negative body image can have, I’ll be posting something to represent the theme. 

What Can You Do For Mental Health Awareness Week?

Get involved! Like I said, I’m going to be posting a series of articles and blog posts that look into the theme of body image, and I can only hope I inspire you to write a post of your own! If that’s too much hassle, no big deal! Just get involved by starting a conversation by commenting on one of my posts and letting me know what you thought, or try talking to your friends about the theme. 

Raising awareness is the key here – we’re trying to combat the stigma around talking about mental health and make it into something that’s no longer seem as ‘taboo’. Whatever you do to help, you’ll be aiding us all in making strides towards a more accepting and open-minded community. 

Mental Health Awareness Week will run from Monday 13 May to Sunday 19 May 2019. How will you partake?

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  1. I’m looking forward to this week’s posts; body image is something I’m very interested in.

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy them!

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