New Emotional Fitness App For Mental Health

Opening up the App Store on your phone, you’ve probably seen a number of different fitness services recommended. However, there’s a new fitness app on the scene – and this one doesn’t really focus on physical fitness at all. Instead, it focuses on mental health.

Allow me to introduce ‘Fika’ – the latest fitness app that, instead of revolving around fitness, aims to help users take care of their mental health. The aim of the app is to offer users methods of dealing with their stress and anxiety. 

So, What Is Fika?

Fika, which was created by Gareth Fryer and Nick Bennett, works to offer emotional exercises that incorporate a number of different factors. These factors include the likes of positive psychology, commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mindfulness. The app also focuses on sports psychology and methods which athletes use while training. 

As well as providing methods that help people cope with their anxiety and stress, Fika also sets out to emphasise the importance of face to face communication. Bennett explained that their inspiration for the app is simply the fact that the world is ‘emotionally out of shape’ and highlights that many people neglect to realise the importance of emotional wellbeing. 

We are bringing Fika to market to address this problem and raise awareness of the benefits of emotional fitness, to get the best out of our lives.

Nick Bennet, Co-Founder

Fika is a Swedish word that represents a particular state of mind. In Swedish culture, Fika is known to be about making time to spend with your friends, colleagues, or family members. Therefore, the app represents taking time for one’s self, as well as taking time to effectively communicate with those around us. 

How Fika Works To Promote Better Mental Health

To start using the app, users are prompted to choose a focused outcome that they want to achieve, such as strengthening their relationships. Once they’ve selected their intended goal, the app provides them with a pack of emotional exercises that are each focused around a key question. 

The app is intended to be used as a daily habit – with each emotional exercise having a five minute timer and an audio guide to help with concentration. While Fika can be used on an independent basis, it can also be used with friends or family members. 

As the app focuses around emotionally strengthening yourself, the exercises are indeed designed to challenge users and put them out of their comfort zones. 

Fryer also explained that the exercises are ones that are often used by athletes while they’re training, as this allows them to optimise their athletic performance. 

Athletes understand this: in order to optimise your performance, you have to have your brain right.

Gareth Fryer, Co-Founder

All in all, it’ll be interesting to see how the growth of this app could potentially change the way that we address dealing with our states of mental health. It’ll do well to help people create strategies to deal with their stress and anxiety, while also working to remove the stigma around talking about mental health. 

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