Body Image – Reasons To Like Yourself – MHAW 2019

To finish off Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus of body image, I wanted to create a list that’s revolved around the reasons that you should like yourself. 

Loving yourself, or even liking yourself, is not at all an easy task, which is something that I’ve repeated throughout all my posts for Mental Health Awareness Week. Liking yourself takes a lot of work, and it can sometimes feel like your attempts at doing so are futile. However, self-love, or just self-like, can really do you a whole world of good and it can really promote a more positive life for yourself. 

I have an immense amount of difficult liking myself or even dealing with myself, which is majorly due to the fact that I apparently suffer from body dysmorphia. That means that my self-perception in completely askew and I don’t actually know what I look like at all. This makes it all very difficult to trust what people tell me, and to trust the process of managing an eating disorder.

However, I believe that the process of making and posting this article will also help me keep perspective of what really matters. I’ve always been able to remind people that they matter more than their weight or their appearance, but I haven’t been able to take on those reassurances myself. So, to help both you and me, here are a few reasons to like yourself:

Because Self-Comparison Breeds Misery

If you spend your time wanting to be somebody else, you’re going to find yourself a lot more miserable than if you just accepted the skin that you’re in. The fact of the matter is that a lot of us hold ourselves to unattainable standards, which means that we’re never quite doing well enough for to satisfy ourselves. It’s really easy to continue to compare yourself to every other person you see on social media or you see on the street, and you probably know how upset it can make you. 

By constantly wanting to be somebody else, you’re prolonging your own suffering. It’s exhausting to compete for the spotlight all the time and it’s beyond tiring to nitpick every element of yourself and your life. At the end of the day, we only have ourselves, and the sooner that you’re kinder to your body, the sooner it’ll be kind back to you. 

Because Nobody Else Is You

You are a unique individual! It may be a cheesy cliche, but it’s true that nobody else is you. You are the only version of yourself that there is, and you’re good enough just the way that you are. You have a set of genes unlike any other person on the planet, and that alone makes you into a special individual.

Nobody else is going to have your laugh or your smile or your intelligence. Nobody else is gong to have your secret talent or your secrets. Nobody else is going to match what you bring to the table, because we all have our own individual traits and we’re all special in our own ways. You are who you are, and, the sooner that you can accept that, the sooner you’re going to be able to shine. You deserve positive body image because you’re the only you there is!

Because Positivity Attracts Positivity

Have you ever heard the concept that giving off certain vibes will attract a certain atmosphere? Well, it’s true. If you’re more positive and more self-accepting, then you’re going to attract like-minded people who are also going to be willing to accept who you are. 

Hating yourself and being hard on yourself inherently makes you negative and miserable, even if it’s only internal. Negative body image also makes you a more negative person. This reflects in the way that you interact with people and the atmosphere that you can create, which means that negativity also attracts negative people and further negative thinking. If you’re positive and open and you’re willing to give yourself a chance, you’ll find that other people are willing to give you the time of day as well. 

Because You’re More Resilient Than You Think

Your body is so much more durable than you might think It is. It is a complex, complicated system that is constantly on the job and constantly working to keep you functioning in the best way possible. It’s a tough thing to comprehend, but the fact remains that your body is so much stronger and so much tougher than you might think it is. 

Even though our bodies admittedly might let us down sometimes – such as when you caught that cold last year – you also need to remember that they’re working really hard. What they can achieve is outstandingly impressive and it shouldn’t be something that you brush off lightly. They work so hard to keep us in good shape, and we’re sometimes really harsh back to them, which isn’t what they deserve. If you can’t accept your body for what it looks like, accept it for what it can do. Positive body image will help you come to terms with the functions of your body.

Because You’re Going To Achieve Great Things

Finally, you should like yourself because you have so much potential. You have such a good life ahead of you that can only really be enjoyed if you start enjoying yourself. If you’re constantly doubting yourself and turning against yourself, then you’re going to find that you’re too distracted to enjoy the world as it unravels at your feet. 

You have so much dedication and so much passion that you can truly achieve anything that you put your mind to. Though, it starts with liking yourself to be able to like your life.

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